Compiler Option: -print
Print out information


-print option


The -print option can be used to query the compiler for certain information which may be useful especially for build scripts. It does not prevent compilation of input files given besides the -print option, but the compiler also can be invoked with only a -print option and no input files, in which case it will not compile anything but only respond to the -print option.

Currently, the following -print options are recognized:

hostPrints the host system on which fbc is running
targetPrints the target system for which fbc is compiling (can be affected by the -target option)
xPrints the file name of the output executable or library that fbc will or would generate (named after the -x option), depending on other command line options


A makefile could use target := $(shell $(FBC) -print target) to find out the compilation target, which would even work when cross-compiling, with FBC set to something like fbc -target foo.

fbc -print x alone will print out the executable file extension for the target system.
fbc -print x -dll on the other hand will print out the dynamic library file name format.
fbc -print x -m foo will print out the executable file name that would be used when compiling a module called foo.bas.
fbc 1.bas 2.bas -lib -print x will compile 1.bas and 2.bas into a library, whose file name will be displayed.

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